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Mango Flavor Gummy Bears, Yellow Gummy Bears Candy

  • $ 1794

Embark on a tropical flavor adventure with Mango Gummy Bears from Beulah's Candyland, a treasured small, family-owned business! These fresh and soft, all-yellow gummi bears deliver a delightful mango essence, creating a delectable treat for candy enthusiasts. Perfect for candy buffets, their vibrant yellow hue adds a burst of sunshine to sweet celebrations. Artfully crafted, our Mango Gummy Bears showcase Beulah's Candyland's dedication to delivering quality confections. Each bear captures the tropical sweetness of mango, offering an exquisite harmony of flavors. Indulging in Mango Gummy Bears from Beulah's Candyland is more than just enjoying a treat; it's supporting a small, family-owned business committed to spreading joy through outstanding confections. Embrace the warmth of family tradition with each delightful bear. Whether enhancing a candy buffet or simply treating yourself, order your Mango Gummy Bears today and relish the exceptional blend of flavors from a business that cherishes your sweet moments.

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