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Green Apple Gummy Bears, Green Gummy Candy

  • $ 1794

Welcome to Beulah's Candyland, where sweetness is a cherished tradition! Explore the tangy allure of our green apple gummy bears, a delightful offering in our lineup. Each gummy bear is bursting with the refreshing essence of crisp green apples. These vibrant green gummies tantalize your taste buds with the perfect blend of sweetness and tartness. Made from premium ingredients, our green apple gummy bears boast a soft, chewy texture that promises a satisfying bite. Whether you're enjoying a solitary snack or sharing with loved ones, our green apple gummy bears are sure to be a crowd-pleaser. Their irresistible flavor and fun shape make them a hit among candy enthusiasts of all ages. At Beulah's Candyland, we're dedicated to providing you with exceptional confectionery experiences. Each bag of of green apple gummy bears is meticulously crafted to ensure freshness and flavor, delivering a delightful treat every time. Ideal for gatherings, outings, or simply satisfying your cravings, our green apple gummy bears are a must-have addition to your candy stash. With Beulah's Candyland, every moment is infused with the joy of deliciousness!

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