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Albanese Wild Cherry Gummy Bears, Red Gummy Bears, Cherry Flavor Gummy Candy

  • $ 1794

Delight your taste buds with Beulah's Wild Cherry Gummy Bears – a candy from our small, family-owned business, Beulah's Candyland! These red, chewy gems offer the perfect blend of sweetness and the distinct taste of wild cherry. Each bear is a fresh and soft delight, encapsulating the essence of cherry flavor. Distinguished by their vibrant red hue, our Wild Cherry Gummy Bears make a flavorful addition to candy buffets and sweeten any event. Their unique wild cherry twist elevates the classic gummi bear experience, making them a favorite among candy enthusiasts. Choosing Beulah's Wild Cherry Gummy Bears means more than just selecting a treat; it's supporting a small, family-owned business dedicated to spreading joy through exceptional confections. Experience the warmth of family tradition with each delightful bear. Whether you're enhancing a candy buffet or simply treating yourself, order your Wild Cherry Gummy Bears today and relish the perfect blend of flavors from a business that values your sweet moments.

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