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Albanese Grapefruit Gummy Bears, Bulk Candy, Pink Gummy Bear Candy

  • $ 1802

Experience the zesty delight of Beulah's Grapefruit Gummy Bears – a candy from our family-owned business, Beulah's Candyland! Indulge in the perfect blend of sweet and tangy grapefruit flavor with these pink, chewy treasures. Recognizable by their vibrant pink hue, our Grapefruit Gummy Bears make an enticing addition to candy buffets and events. These gummy bears provide a refreshing twist on the traditional grapefruit taste, encapsulating the essence of this citrus delight. By choosing Beulah's Grapefruit Gummy Bears, you're not just opting for a treat; you're supporting a small, family-owned business devoted to spreading joy through outstanding confections. Embrace the warmth of family tradition with each delightful bear. Whether enhancing an event or treating yourself, order your Grapefruit Gummy Bears today and relish the perfect fusion of flavors from a business that treasures your sweet moments.

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